New Projects, and more!

It’s always exciting to start a new print, or to finish one.

I just printed the first ‘good’ print of my dungbeetle image. The moment of truth….
Pulling the BAT

And the print. It’s good! Now I can start pulling the edition. And deciding on the final title of the print.
The dungbeetle print

In the meantime, I’m also carving several other prints. This one is tentatively called “Landscape with Drones.” You can see all sorts of experiments and notes for other projects scattered around the worksurface.
Landscape with drones

I’m also taking an advanced intaglio class at Cabrillo College, which is great fun. Right now we’re working on alternative resist methods, which means ways to transfer or make an image on the copper before pouring the ground; the resist is than removed to reveal the copper, which will then be exposed to ferric acid.
Resist plates

On the left, I’ve transferred rubbings of sand dollars and one of my linoleum blocks.
On the right, I’ve transferred a rubbing of a mop head, and also transferred the image of inked feathers onto the copper by running them through a press.
I also want to try dripping wax on a plate, and transferring an image via carbon paper. It’s fun to get crazy!

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