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The Red Shoes, linoleum block print with hand coloring
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It’s been a while!

How did almost five years go by without a blog post??? No excuses, they just did. I…

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Do you know where the children are?

Continuing my series of images that can be faxed to your representatives and to members of the…

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Where are the children? Images to fax

More than 2,000 children have been put in detention centers across the US. There is no known…

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Continue faxing

While Trump may have ordered a halt to family separations, there are still a lot of issues…

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Fax your elected officials

It has occurred to me that one can send images (as PDF files) through FaxZero. You can…

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Two Weeks of Quiet

OK, y’all, I’ve been posting photos pretty regularly on Facebook and Instagram, along with the occasional blog…