First Print in the New Studio!

I feel like Victor Frankenstein: “It’s ALIVE!!!” — at least that’s what I can finally say in regard to my art studio.

As you might have guessed by my utter lack of recent blog posts, I’ve been busy with other things than art. As in buying a house. As in moving. As in remodeling, and as in digging up the garden.

Here we are in front of our new house. We love it.
In front of the new house

Owning a house is exciting. And see that garage door? That is the door to my studio. The garage is mine, all mine, and I am well on the way to making it a working space.

It hasn’t been easy. I have way too much stuff, all of it absolutely vitally essential. And much of it in the way. I still can’t circumnavigate the press, but at least now I can roll the wheel to make a print.

Here is the press still partially wrapped from the move.
The press still wrapped

Having finally set up my drafting table so I can carve, today I reached the point where I had a block that I needed to proof. Yay! Here I am taking the last bit of bubble wrap off the press wheel.
Unwrapping the wheel

I also finally cleared off the workbench. First dab of ink at the new house!
First dab!

And printing the first proof.
First print in the new house

And here is the result. I need to do a bit more carving, but I’m pleased with this.

I am also so pleased to finally do some printing. It’s been a long time!

Author: Melissa

6 thoughts on “First Print in the New Studio!

  1. It looks like the perfect place to restart. Happy to see you working again, I keep your ” El Viento” as a priceless treasure. Buena suerte Melissa. Big hugs from Carrión ( Spain)

  2. Fabulous! May your production soar!! And I love your first print – is it for the OFS Medieval Faire, happening in just two days?! (Couldn’t resist the plug.)
    If not, no matter – I love it. So good to see you’re back in action. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Dean! And thank you. It would be perfect for the Open Fields Medieval Faire, wouldn’t it? Too late for this year; maybe I’ll send some your way for next year’s edition. 🙂

  4. Wow – 3 months without art! You must have ideas springing from every pore of your body. The 1st print looks great. Keep ’em coming! 🙂

  5. Hi Melissa,

    Can I be Igor? What a relief to have your studio up and running. It really feels like home now I bet.


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