When my niece was small, she loved to stand on the couch and watch the tossing branches of the tree outside, and she’d exclaim “Wind-e-e-e!!!”. She would have a fine time here in Carrion de Los Condes, as the wind is whipping across the plains like a freight train.

I’m at Bar Espana, along with all the card-playing men of the village, taking refuge and a glass of wine. And the wind has given me an idea for another print, so I can’t complain.

The idea is the meseta as a tossing sea, and the wind as great ropes of air that twist above. The print will vary some from this first drawing – it will be darker, in some ways, but I’m also thinking it should be hand-colored to reflect the subtle fierce beauty of the area.

This morning, however, it was calm and sunny, and I took advantage of the fine weather to walk the 6km to Villalcazar de Sirga, the next town up the Camino to the east, and visit Sta. Maria la Blanca.

This dog was furious that I had the nerve to pass by his yard.

Beautiful scenery along the way.

Signs of pilgrims having passed by.

But which way should they go?

The church was lovely…

And you can see some more photos on my Flickr photo stream, but I was actually more excited by some of the modern stained glass, which gave me an “Aha!” moment and crystallized some of the things I had been thinking about in terms of portraying this lovely countryside.

Now back to my little windy Houston the prairie, to start carving this block.

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