New site, new blog

It’s very exciting: I’ve just re-launched my website,, and now I’m launching a new blog as well.

I’ll be writing about my adventures in painting, printmaking, and on the hiking trails –with the occasional update on my cats, as well. I hope readers will find my entries educational, interesting, and entertaining.

Right now I’m off to make some code changes to clean up the blog’s appearance — but I’ll be back soon!

1 thought on “New site, new blog

  1. Woo-hoo!!!! I’m the first to comment on your new blog! Too bad I have nothing to say…
    Just joking – I wish you luck, lots of new blog-watchers, art buyers and carpal tunnel from all the typing. Oops – joking again. The new website looks great – I found no glitches. Congrats!

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