Storks, Azofra

So my new Camino print is carved, and I printed up the first batch this week. Here it is:

Storks, Azofra

Storks, Azofra
Linoleum block print, 2009
Edition of 15
Image size 8″ x 6″

I just framed one of the new prints this morning, and dropped it off at Michael Angelo Gallery this afternoon. Its place had been held by what I called its stunt double, so all I had to do was take the placeholder off the wall and hang the real one in its place. Good thing I think about details, and have all the wires on all my prints hit the backs of the frames in the same place. It makes hanging a show so much easier!

It’s interesting to me to see the changes in my own work. Looking at my web page of Camino prints, I’m struck immediately by how much white space there is in the new piece. I find it much more difficult to print a block with lots of white; I have to be much more meticulous in applying the ink, using smaller rollers and targeting specific areas to ink at a time. I am also pleased with the variety of textures in this print. I loved the stone, brick, adobe and wattle in the Spanish villages I walked through, and wanted to give a sense of that tactile richness.

If you’d like to see the new print live and in person, come out tonight to Santa Cruz’s First Friday Art Walk, and visit Michael Angelo Gallery for my opening reception between 6 and 8:30pm. It’s at 1111-a River Street, opposite the Tannery. Michael Angelo Gallery is also open every Saturday and Sunday, 11am -5pm, and my prints will be there through December 27.

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