Foxes vs. Pikas

Last week I completed a set of drawings for the Education Department at the Oakland Museum of California. There are two separate display cases in the Natural Sciences gallery, one of foxes and one of pikas, and the museum wanted the drawings to show how the animals in the two cases might relate to each other.

First, the displays. Pikas (and a marmot; he’s the big guy):
Pika --and marmot-- in display.

And the foxes:
Pika --and marmot-- in display.

There are seven illustrations in all. Number one, the foxes are huddled in their den. Number two, the foxes are out foraging in the snow. Number three, the pika is also foraging in the snow. Number four, the fox pounces after the pika, who runs for dear life.
Pika runs like mad when fox pounces

There are two endings to the series. One version depicts the pika’s happy ending.
Number five, the pika is safe in the den. Number six, the foxes stare into the pika den; this is basically a drawing of the fox display case.

However, the second version shows the foxes’ happy ending.
Number seven, the aftermath.
The aftermath

The fun part is that the drawings are not numbered –the above description is my interpretation– and the visitors and junior docents can create their own narratives using the drawings.

The Oakland Museum is undergoing extensive renovations, but the Natural Sciences wing is open. It’s well worth a visit — soon!

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