Catching Up

More days, more drawings. It’s a lot easier to make drawings than to upload them, especially since I go old-school and use a camera, not a phone, to take pictures of my drawings.

Oops! I forgot to take a picture of my drawing for April 6, which was just a doodle. I was in bed and tired and cranky, and said “The heck with it!” about doing a drawing, upon which Sarah-Hope handed me her sudoku book and pencil and said “Draw something!” So I did. Thank you, Sarah-Hope, for keeping me on track. I’ll post the image later.

Here is April 7th’s drawing. I would like to do a large ink and acrylic drawing/painting of this, like my blue-black paintings. It’s part of a meat grinder I picked up -where?- long ago.
Drawing of a meat grinder drill

April 8 is an idea for a linoleum block print, featuring a medieval city with multiple perspectives.
Drawing of a medieval city

April 9 is another idea for a linoleum block print, this one featuring agricultural workers picking strawberries.
Drawing of farm laborers picking strawberries

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