Two Days in One

Ah yes– sometimes it’s hard to keep up with your planned schedule. This week is turning out to be a bit hectic – art fair! print show! classroom presentation! dentist! baseball game! taxes! – and while I’m keeping up with my drawings, the posting might fall a bit behind.

So here are my drawings for April 3 and April 4, together in one blog post.

April 3 was a late-night, just-before-sleep sketch of the handiest model, our cat Maggie. Miss Maggie is a bit of a wiggle-worm, so things like perspective and relative sizes of head parts got a bit wonky. Although if you cover one of her eyes at a time, it looks more like her.
Maggie's portrait

Maggie does not look pleased with the results.
Maggie eyes her portrait

April 4’s drawing was also an evening affair. Here I play with ink and wash and some of my water-soluble colored pencils. This was fun!
Abstract drawing

Plus, you should be keeping up with Deb’s poetry postings. Yesterday’s was a gem.

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