Our Lady of the Redwoods

Our Lady of the Redwoods is a print I was hoping to have ready for the Open Studios Art Tour last year – but here it is, ready for this year’s Open Studios instead. I like the idea of local deities who live in the rocks and rivers and everyday places, and combined that idea with an image of the virgin and child.

The moment of truth, pulling the paper off the block for the first time.
The moment of truth

So far so good…
So far so good

And hooray! The print is just fine. 🙂
Our Lady of the Redwoods

This will be my selection at the Open Studios Preview Exhibit at the Santa Cruz Art League. I bought the frame today; now I just have to let it dry and put it all together.

Our Lady of the Redwoods is 24″ tall by 5″ wide. I’m finishing up a companion piece, Our Lady of the Slough, and hope to have that done for Open Studios as well.
Press and print

Open Studios will be held on October 4 & 5 and October 18 & 19. I’m in Watsonville now; come see my new digs!

Author: Melissa

2 thoughts on “Our Lady of the Redwoods

  1. And I hope you have a slew of people coming to your Open Studio! Nice print – can’t wait to see the slough companion piece.

  2. We are interested in a print of a view from one of your Pylgrimage series/ It is a view of a parade, /religious festival which extends out into the background. The detail is tremendous. Please send me scans of various ones so I can select the one I want. We will pay going retail rates for a print of this. It was at the west end of the sofa in the Parmeters living room. If we identify it, you could bring the print with you in February, skipping shipping charges, etc.

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