The White Whale

I put up my show at Coffeetopia on Mission Street last week, and I’ll be hanging my show with Stephanie Martin at the Abbey next week… but this week, I’m working on a new linoleum block print. Here’s my first proof, with some notes about next steps.

First proof, Moby Dick

Author: Melissa

3 thoughts on “The White Whale

  1. I hope your print will be more successful than the new opera of Moby Dick, which opened this week in San Diego and is slated to come next season to San Francisco Opera. Music critic Marc Swed roundly criticized this opera today in the LA Times, saying that the music was “derivative and boring” and listing all the sources he claimed the composer had used (or mis-used?). In addition, tenor Ben Heppner, the scheduled Ahab, has cancelled for the entire SD run.

  2. Oh dear! I’m sorry to hear that. I thought it got good reviews in previews. We have been looking forward to its appearance in SF. Ack.

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