My Prints in Spain are Mainly on the Plain

The Meseta, that is, the long walk between Burgos and Leon on the high plains and wheatfields of Spain.

Rebekah Scott is an expat American who, with her husband Paddy, has moved to the village of Moratinos. There they have a farmhouse they’ve renamed The Peaceable Kingdom, populated with dogs and chickens and pilgrims, not to mention the occasional burro. You can read about their exploits on Rebekah’s blog, Big Fun in a Tiny Pueblo.

When I posted a message on one of the pilgrim email lists announcing the completion of my Camino prints, Rebekah wrote to say how lovely she thought they were. (NB: I am always happy to accept compliments!) And I thought how wonderful it would be to have some of my prints “home”, as it were, on the Camino, and sent her three.

I chose prints that I thought would be appropriate for the location: on the meseta, in an old adobe village, and at a point where pilgrims are only all too well aware of the condition of their feet.
Crossing the Meseta     Early Morning, Via Lactea     Pilgrim Feet
(l to r: Crossing the Meseta; Early Morning, Via Lactea; Pilgrim Feet)

Recently Rebekah sent me photos of the prints in place. They do look right at home!
Prints at Moratinos
(Note the soaking of tired feet!)

Prints at Moratinos

Prints at Moratinos

Recently my friend Kimlin stopped by to visit The Peaceable Kingdom. She’s the pilgrim with the sock monkey who’s mentioned in Rebekah’s blog.

Speaking of Camino prints, a set of them will soon be on display in San Francisco. Here are the details:

Prints from the Camino de Santiago
May 29 – June 24, 2009
Squat & Gobble Cafe
3600 16th Street, at the corner of Market and Noe
San Francisco, CA (see map)

The food is a lot better than the name suggests! Stop by, have a bite, and take a vicarious trip to Spain.

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