Looking forward

…to the arrival of my etching press. It’s ordered, it’s under construction, and I’m eagerly awaiting word on when it will show up at my house.

Here’s a picture of the press I’m getting. Pretty, isn’t it?
Whelan Xpress etching press

It’s a Whelan press, and the cool thing about it is that rather than having the press bed move back and forth –which is the way most presses work– this press has the pressure mechanism roll across the plate. What this means is that it saves a whole lot of room, which allowed me to buy a larger press than I might otherwise have been able to. I can fit a whole sheet of 20″x30″ paper on this press bed; a far cry from the 8″x12″ I can fit on my current little press.

Now I have to make room in my kitchen, which pretty much means getting rid of the kitchen table and chairs. Who needs formal dining? Not me! Most of the year it’s comfortable enough to eat outside on the patio, and when it’s not, there’s the coffee table upstairs in the living room.

In the meantime, I’m thinking of new print images and techniques. I figured I’d better post a few blog posts now, before the press arrives. After it comes, I may not surface for weeks!

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