Supersize me!

During the past year, several people have remarked that they’d be interested in seeing what might happen when I started working in the larger scale that my new press can accommodate. Up until now, as I’ve gotten to know the ins and outs of operating my press, I’ve stayed in the same size scale I always had.

Until now.

Suddenly, I’ve gotten the size bug. I want to work BIG!

This week I ran first proofs of two new very large prints, Landscape with Drones and Our Lady of the Redwoods. Fun stuff! And a whole new learning curve.

Here is the block for Landscape with Drones with ink and brayers.
Getting ready to ink

First roll of ink. Looking good!
First roll of ink

all inked up and on the press.
Ready to go, on the press bed

Here’s first proof. There are a few small things I want to change, but it’s almost there. And yes, that’s The East Bay in the foreground, and San Francisco across the bay.
First proof, "Landscape with Drones"

Next up, Our Lady of the Redwoods. I’ve had the idea for this floating around in my head for several years, and recently realized that a long, tall print was the way to go. This print is 4″ wide and 24″ tall.
Ready to ink next block

This took a while to ink, and has reinforced my coveting a larger, better brayer.
Inked and on the press

Again, almost there! I want to define the forest floor, to better differentiate the blasted center of the tree. mary’s cloak needs a bit of work, and there are a few other spots I want to refine. But so far, so good! with any luck, I’ll have the blocks finished and the first good prints by the end of the week. Here, bit by bit, is the first proof.

top third
Bottom third

these two prints, and several more never before seen in Santa Cruz, will be part of my upcoming solo show at The Abbey.. Opening reception and open mic take place on Saturday, May 4, at 8pm.

Author: Melissa

4 thoughts on “Supersize me!

  1. Nice work! And I was going to say you needed a bigger brayer when I saw the little bitty one you were using – but then you said it yourself! So there goes another BD idea… 🙂

  2. It’s not too late to contribute to my brayer fund, you know. Maybe I should start raising money on Kickstarter… The ones I’m looking at are in the $250 range.

  3. Beautiful work and fascinating process. Our Lady of the Redwoods catching my eye with the intertwining of nature and spirituality …!!!

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