A palindrome seems a good way to start my first blog entry of the new year, as I look both backwards at the year that has passed, and forward to whatever adventures 2010 may bring.

Somehow, in thinking about the new year, an old painting of mine jumped into my head.

Milky Way

I painted “Milky Way” in 2003 after spending a vacation down at Big Bear Lake with my sister Joanna and niece Katherine. One night we went out on the beach very late and watched for shooting stars. We saw a few, but it was more the calm night-time lake and star-studded sky that stuck with me, and the look of the white plastic beach chairs at the edge of the lake. The chairs seemed to extend an invitation to become part of the spectacle of the universe, offering us the ride of our lives.

I have that same expectant feeling now, guardedly optimistic as we enter a new year and a new decade.

Here’s wishing the best for all of us, with peace and prosperity and good will towards all living creatures.
Let’s go!

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