The Cat’s Gift

It’s become a holiday tradition of mine to stock up on Christmas cards after the holiday, when they’re on sale, and then totally forget about them and not send any cards at all. This year I tried something a little different. A week before Christmas I suddenly decided that I should make my own cards, and send them to friends and collectors and various other favored folk.

Of course the handiest models are my cats; they are always happy to help with my projects, and Damian is the biggest help of all. So this year’s card features Mr. D, proud as he can be of the box he has wrapped — sitting amid the chaos that he has created in the wrapping.

My studio looked a bit like the card, after a mad flurry of drawing, carving, and printing. Damian and I are pleased with the results.

The Cat's Gift

Best wishes for a happy and creative 2010!

2 thoughts on “The Cat’s Gift

  1. Loved the card & plan to frame it. Next year – try coming up with these great ideas a month earlier. But then, if you did, you wouldn’t REALLY be a West. 🙂

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