I Used to Live Here

Last weekend I was up in the East Bay to attend the artists’ reception at Collector Art Shop in Berkeley, where I am in a group show (which will be on display through January 28, in case you’re inclined to check it out). I also had a few appointments, which left odd gaps of time in my days. So I took advantage of the situation and visited some of my favorite spots.

Friday morning I went to Brown Sugar Kitchen for my favorite fried chicken and waffles breakfast. This restaurant is right around the corner from where I used to live in West Oakland, and I miss having it near. Best chicken and waffles ever! Across the street there was a new set of murals on the recycling center.

New mural in Oakland

Nice textures when you’re close up.

Mural colors and textures

After which I went down to Middle Harbor Shorline Park down by the Port of Oakland, and had fun taking photos and watching the intricate dance of trucks, containers, and cranes.

A tall set of streetlights take on an alien aspect when seen through a fence.

Alien-looking light fixtures

Evil lurks. A small rusty sign on a fence.

Evil lurks

A rusty float just offshore.

A rusty float

Watch out for the soft mud! (Have I ever mentioned that I love hazard graphics? I think it would be a fun job to create them.)

Soft mud warning sign

A dredge at work.

A dredge at work

A goose among the cranes.

A goose and cranes

A study in contrasts: a rusty fence against a concrete wall.

A rusty fence in front of a concrete wall

The park butts right against the port, and gives a great opportunity to watch all the goings-on there. I couldn’t help but think of all that stuff coming in and out – a supreme example of rampant consumerism and capitalism in all its glory. How much of all this is really necessary???

A very busy place

Still, the port is a fascinating place with its own type of beauty.

Giant crane at the Port of Oakland

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