Hanging at the Napa County Library

This weekend I trekked up to Napa to hang my solo show at the Napa County Library. I was not the only one headed to Napa – it turned out that a big rock festival was taking place in town, and mine was one of many hundreds of cars heading into town. No matter; I drove up the night before I needed to be there, and the only hurry/worry was being on time for dinner.

I arrived at the library at 9am, an hour before they officially opened, so I could unload my car and move it out of the way. The Friends of the Library was having one of its book sales, and big crowds were anticipated. My first task was to hang prints in the hallway leading to the community room, where the sale was taking place.

A library patron contemplates La Penitente, which hangs in the hall to the community room

It’s a big library, with lots of excellent wall space. I hung 9 of my Camino prints behind the circulation desk and self-checkout machines.

Prints from the Camino de Santiago series hang behind the circulation desk

A couple of Via de la Plata prints and “Grace of Summer Boughs” (named after a line in a poem by Emily Dickinson) complete the lobby area. “Grace” is also on the library’s promotional materials for my show.

Three prints in the lobby

Here is the reference desk with prints behind and to the side.

The reference desk is surrounded by prints

Even though the library had a nice modern hanging rod system, it takes a long time to hang a show. It took me five hours to hang 32 prints – but it was well worth the effort, and I am very pleased with the results.

Three prints over the printing machine

My work will be on display through June 28 during regular library hours. There will be a reception on Friday, June 13, 6pm – 7:30pm, which will include a talk and presentation by me. I’m looking forward to it – really!

And to wrap it all up, here is a video Stephnia Pramuk, who coordinates the library’s art shows, made to promote my exhibit. It’s quite nice.

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  1. The show looks great & that promo video was very nice! Good luck, hope your gallery talk goes well. I also like the Grace of Summer Boughs as a print, esp since I liked the painting so much.

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