Just one more print before Open Studios…

Santa Cruz’s annual Open Studios tour opens this weekend, and, as usual, I wanted to squeeze in just one more print before I set up my space for guests. This year, it was quite a squeeze, as I started the edition of my biggest print ever!

How big is it? The image itself is 36″ x 16″, the paper is 40″ x 20″. It just barely fit onto my press, and I had to do the inking outside in the yard because the setup wouldn’t fit in the studio.

Here’s the inking station. The small table in the back is where I rolled the ink with the brayers. The table on the left is where I inked the block, and the table on the right contains a stack of clean ready-for-printing paper. All protected by newsprint in case birds flew over.
Working outside

Bob helps.
Bob helps

Here’s the print on the press. Note that the roller has to be lifted up above the block. I had to slide the paper carefully between the roller and the inked block before gently (and accurately) lowering it into place. A proof is drying on the cabinet door in the background.
The block on the press

And, since the roller came down just barely past the block, I gave the paper a quick hand burnishing after running it through the press, especially around the edges, just to make sure. Better safe than sorry! I’m using a brass apothecary’s pestle – its weight and smooth head make it a great tool for burnishing.
Extra burnishing

The final print, hanging to dry. Large heavy paper needs many clothespins!

This is “La Penitente”.
La Penitente

And, just to give a graphic idea of the scale, until this year the largest linoleum blocks I had carved and printed were 8″ x 6″ – the size of ‘The Graeae,’ hanging to the right of the two penitentes prints.
Scale comparison

See these and more this weekend!
My studio will be open to the public during Santa Cruz Open Studios.
October 5 & 6 and October 19 & 2o
11am – 5pm each day
816 Hanover Street, Santa Cruz (see map)

Author: Melissa

4 thoughts on “Just one more print before Open Studios…

  1. Good luck and I hope it goes very well! I wish I could assure you we’ll be there, but I myself am pretty slammed with all i have to do before my own open studio. I will try to make it to yours but if I can’t, all the best! La Penitente looks incredible! do you buy the paper in rolls?

  2. Thanks Carmen! And good luck with your open studio too. I bought large flat sheets (44×30) of Somerset Satin for this. One of my favorite papers. Got it from Daniel Smith.

  3. Your large print looks sensational. Hope you will be in Napa at Christmas. We leave tomorrow for Suriname and Guyana with Bob Ridgely and friends.

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