My marathon trip went smooth as silk, and now here I am in beautiful Seville.

Today I went to the Cathedral and got my credencial, aka my pilgrim
passport, stamped, and found the first couple of waymarks. I also
went to the Alcazar, which is simply amazing. And I must say,
Ferdinand and Isabella were at the forefront of branding. The symbol
of Castille y Leon is EVERYwhere.

After a dinner at a tapas bar, I´m wandering in the gardens of
Seville, joining the local paseo.

Tomorrow I´m planning on visiting the Basilica of the Macarena, and
the marketplace in Triana, to buy some fruit of vegetables for my
first day walking. Plus I hope to find a lavadora & secadora — I´d
like to start out with some clean clothes, if possible. The pilgrim
chores, they start right away!

I´m still a bit jet-lagged so will keep this short. I am just so
happy to be here at last.
Now maybe one last glass of wine, and then bed.

Hasta pronto!

Author: Melissa

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