Moving Right Along

OK, so computers on the Via de la Plata are scarcer than hens´teeth, either because it´s less well-traveled, or because everyone now has iPhones and iPads and there´s no need for old’fashioned cyber cafes. A bit of both, I think.

But here I am at the albergue turistico in Embalse de Alcantara, on the side of a large large reservoir. That has cows swimming in it. Isn´t that a health code violation or something? Well, I went swimming too –must make lugging the bathing suit worthwhile!– and it was lovely; I can´t blame the cows for diving in one bit.

The feet are fine, the blisters are gone, but I have a bit of tendonitis on (in?) my right leg, so have dropped back a day in my planned schedule to take it a bit easy. And have dropped right into a giant mob of pilgrims! So much for 4 or 5 in an albergue, now it´s 25 or 30. And I had hoped to avoid bed anxiety this trip. Nope. I may do the unthinkable and take the bus to get back to where I was. Not to mention that would get me back in sych with my previous walking companion Jacques, from Paris, who has a tighter schedule than I and had to forge ahead.

The weather has been great, except for a sudden downpour outside of Merida. The thunderstorms have come at night, leaving the days cool and breezy and perfect for walking. I hear we have more heat coming, thought. But pilgrims are full of dire warnings about bad weather ahead.

So Merida –Roman ruins! wonderful! Amphitheaters, aqueducts, forums, temples; amazing to think they´ve lasted 2000 years.

Then Caceres — the old walled town still intact within the modern city. Carvings, churches, towers, turrets, so cool.

In between, wonderful small villages with whitewashed houses and steep streets. And cows, and vines, and olive trees.

So all is well in pilgrim land. The line is getting anxious for their turn on the computer, so off I go. I think a glass of vino tinto is in order.

Hasta pronto!

2 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. Priceless–Monasterio de Jamon! Thanks for the good laugh. I am enjoying your trip from my armchair and wishing I were on the trail myself. Hope your tendinitis is short-lived, however.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    I was very sorry to have to leave you and Jacques, good walking companions are rara and I wshed I could have carried on to Santiago. I’ve been following your blog, I hope you caught up with Jacques and you are both doing well. I am hoping to do Merida-Salamanca in Mid-Oct, so when you find the time I would be happy to hear your thoughts on where to stay and how you overcame the long stretches. Best regards to you both and if you are ever in Valencia please contact us.

    P.S. I love your art work, especially the Black and White series. You are obviously very talented and I iwsh you the best of luck with the new printing press.

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