Artists Everywhere

My friend Andrew has the radical notion that artists should be visible and out working in the neighborhood. To that end, he’s started a project called Artists Everywhere.

My long term goal is to shift the paradigm so that the making of art is as popular as the playing of sports. To do this I say to all artists “Out of your studios and into the streets!”

This past Sunday, a group of artists gathered at the local McDonald’s. Some painted, some sketched; a group in the corner strummed on their ukuleles. It was all very mellow and low-key. (That’s me in the orange hat.)

Artists everywhere!

I brought along a small block of lino, and carved my quarter pounder and fries, drawing directly on the block. I had to work quickly, since my models were vanishing as I worked!

still life with lino block with knife and food

And here is the finished print.

Fast Food

Out of your studios and into the streets! Right on!
The revolution will be spread via web and Facebook.

Andrew’s paintings are on display through the end of March on the 5th floor of the County Government Building in Santa Cruz. I’d highly recommend stopping by if you can.

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