Walking the ‘Hood

I’ve been busy lately churning out prints in preparation for the Santa Cruz Open Studios Art Tour this fall, so my walks of late have been limited to short ones in the neighborhood. Even though I’m covering familiar territory, I always find things of interest with which to amuse myself.

For instance, this is my favorite mailbox:
Mailbox with vision
The owners of this house followed their own particular vision when they built this.

It makes me wonder if perhaps we have a group of adherents of Artemis of Ephesus in the neighborhood.
Artemis of Ephesus

Or perhaps they have a penchant for modern art, and a great appreciation for the work of Louise Bourgeois. Bourgeois has been celebrated lately for her large sculptures of spiders, but her earlier work more directly addressed issues of gender and gender roles using biomorphic forms.
This piece is Destruction of the Father.
Louise Borgeois, Destruction of the Father

And this one is Janus.
Louise Borgeois, Janus

Or, a bit more obscurely, Lee Bontecue, who works largely with three-dimensional oval forms. This piece is called Untitled (as are many of her works).
Lee Bontecue,

You just never know.

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