The Damage Done

Last Saturday was a bright and sunny day after a week of storms, so I took the opportunity to take a walk on the coastal bluffs to see what damage the weather had wrought.

I was perhaps a bit disappointed to see that there weren’t many changes, just a bit of erosion. I had been hoping that the sea cave near the beginning of the Old Cove Trail in Wilder Ranch State Park had turned into an arch, but I guess geological change doesn’t come quite that quickly. It seemed to me, though, that the opening at the back of the cave was a bit wider — but that could just be wishful thinking.

Anyway, of course I took photos. Here is the sea cave, with some nice big waves crashing in to it.

Sea cave

Erosion at work

I love pelicans! They look like pterodactyls as they fly along the edge of the bluffs.

Pelicans in formation

Pelicans in formation

More birds, mostly cormorants, perched on a sea stack.

Birds on a sea stack

And the little dots on this rock are small shore birds. They would run to the edge of the rock between waves to pick at the seaweed, then run to the back of the rock when a wave crashed over it. The rope in the foreground is used by surfers to climb down to the beach below.

Birds on a rock

A beach-level view of the crashing waves.

From the beach

I wasn’t the only one out looking at the waves. These people seem to share my fascination with the ocean.

People watching the ocean

More storms to come; I’m looking forward to some more shoreline drama.

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